You have reached the website of Chad Briggs, Creative Director for animation, VFX, and interactive projects.

Some day this website will be filled with profound, pithy tidbits about my life and times. I will take you on a magical journey where you will spend your time doing the following activities in approximate portions:

·Lauging (75%)
·Crying (7.5%)
·Agreeing with my mother when she tells me I should have gone to law school (7.5%)
·Wondering how I spent over 130 hours playing Fallout 3 (5.5%)
·Hungering for a burrito (2.5%)
·Debating the merits of the voice over in the theatrical release of Blade Runner (2%)

For you more career oriented folk, you can see my work as a Creative Director and CG Supervisor at Element X by using the following handy link:

My linked in profile is here:

Feel free to contact me here: me (at) chadbriggs d0t com. (Nice try email sniffer-bots!)

Until next time, enjoy a small sample of the greatest movie ever to grace a 35mm frame: The Last Dragon.